In Jeffco Public Schools, students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) requiring additional instruction towards annual and postsecondary transition goals are provided with a Free, Appropriate, Public Education (FAPE) in their least restrictive environment (LRE). This includes a continuum of supports and services designed to meet each student’s individual needs as defined in their IEP, with those services generally being viewed as being support services to general education, rather than a place where services are provided. 

The Continuum of Services is provided in the context of the community experience, by way of adult learning activities, with the belief that all students can maximize their independence in whatever setting follows their public school education. 

The service continuum ranges from offering students requiring more adult support in transition hubs to mostly independent students supported in our community programs. Additionally, we maintain collaborations with adult agency partners to provide specific transition opportunities to our students. Specialized programming across the district includes: 

JTS Programs

Transition programs are located within neighborhood schools, district cottages, and some external sites depending on student needs. Rigorous instruction and programming is designed to address individualized needs to maximize potential including increased communication and independence for further education, employment and adult independent living.  All instruction is guided by person-centered planning, nationally identified core competencies, and the state CORE standards including the modified Extended Evidence Outcomes- EEOs. Transition programming is an optional service determined by a student’s IEP team. Since students in transition services have already met their graduation requirements necessary to access a regular high school diploma, students and families retain the option to exit special education services (transition services) and receive their diploma at any time during their tenure in JTS. Students may all be exited from services if the IEP team has determined they’ve completed their postsecondary goals and/or the student has completed the semester in which they’ve reached the maximum age of 21.


  • Miller JTS- The Miller program is designed to provide full support to students in areas of medical, physical, social/emotional, and communication while offering proactive approaches to the student’s individual goals and a positive transition into life as a young adult. Following the same course curriculum as the other transition locations, the students are encouraged to think about their future goals and individual interests while developing adult living skills. Students in Miller JTS require the most intensive adult support to develop skills. 
  • Hubs- Hub programs provide instruction that develop and strengthen students’ academic abilities, vocational skills, adult living skills, and others. Programs are located in all areas of Jeffco. Students in hub programs generally require more adult support to develop skills. 
  • Community- Community programs provide instruction largely based in the community. A student can expect to receive about an hour of instruction in the morning before going into the community for the remainder of the day. Most instruction occurs in the community through travel training, field trips, and internships. Students can also expect to receive an afternoon checkout in the classroom. Students will be travel trained to and from class sites and job sites with the expected outcome of being able to travel independently. Classes are located in the north, central and south area of Jeffco. 
  • Project Search-, A nationwide program offering a “business led, one year school-to-work program that takes place entirely at the workplace” (Project SEARCH). For more information please visit
    • Note: Project Search determines eligibility and acceptance into the program

  • STEP-UP- A Secondary Transition to Employment Program (STEP) that provides Jefferson County students with opportunities to develop in  areas such as career exploration, social skills, work-based learning through unpaid internships, and life skills. This program is partnered with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) and can increase participants' work experience, work stamina, and overall career readiness.
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