Jeffco Transition Services is a program designed to support students with IEPs between the ages of 18 to 21 years with education and training, career/employment, and adult independent living.

All students with IEPs are eligible for transition services when an IEP team has determined the student continues to need extended time for instruction in transition-related skills required to meet their identified post-secondary outcomes and goals. Traditionally, students will meet Jeffco’s Graduation Requirements or earn a GED prior to enrolling into Jeffco Transition Services school. 


Students planning on enrolling into Jeffco Transition Services must defer their diploma in order to attend JTS. Upon receiving official transcripts and/or a diploma, a student’s right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) through special education and transition related instruction are terminated through the school district. Future JTS students may participate in a “social graduation” with their peers and walk at official graduation ceremonies. 

Jeffco Transition Services provides a continuum of services from most supported to most independent. Students can move along the continuum based on skill acquisition and independence. The IEP team determines the student’s needs and the district decides the location of the services. 

A student's IEP team determines whether a student is in need of continued transition instruction to accomplish their post secondary goals evidenced by a student's Post-Secondary Transition Plan in the student's IEP.

Any student with and IEP may be referred for Jeffco Transition Services here:

Jeffco Transition Services Referral



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